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Recommended gear

For cold weather recommendations for sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and more, visit our Cold Weather Info document.

What gear do I need?

What is Already Provided?

Troop provides the following: tents, ground cloth (tarp) for the tent, patrol box with cooking supplies, stoves, food, lanterns, tarps/canopies, tables, axe/hatchets, and any other shared camping items.

Scouts will need to bring the "Personal Gear" to campouts, which is available on page 268 in their handbook. Sometimes additional items will be requested and will be emailed prior to campouts.


Hiking Backpack

There are many great backpacks that are not expensive. A 65L bag is a good size (+/- 10 L). Our Troop has had great luck with the Scout Teton pack, as well as Packs from Alps Mountaineering (see below for purchase info). Even if we are not "hiking" a hiking pack is still a good way to keep lots of gear in one place and have it easy to carry. Here's a few tips for selecting a hiking pack from ScoutLife Magazine.



A daypack is nice to have to keep small gear for the day/meetings/activities in. Here's a few tips for selecting a daypack from ScoutLife Magazine.



Decent hiking shoes/boots can help keep scouts feet comfortable. Here's a few tips for selecting hiking shoes from ScoutLife Magazine. 

Sleeping Gear

  • A 20° sleeping bag, multiple bags (to nest), or sleeping bag with fleece liner.

  • A foundation to sleep on: foam mat, sleeping pad, cot, or combination of these.


Note: Scouts do not need a cot, however if you buy your Scout a cot, ensure it is a low profile cot, if too tall it will not fit in our tents.​ Please buy a cot with curved legs and not pointed legs, to protect the bottoms of our Troop tents. We recommend this lightweight cot or the ready lite cot from (free discount account for Scout Families, see below).

  • See our Cold Weather Information page for additional tips on sleep systems.​

  • The Troop does have a small inventory of sleeping bags to use as backup (Scouts forgets, bag gets wet, etc).

Misc. Recommended Gear

  • Small rechargeable light for the tent

  • Multi-purpose tool / pocket knife

  • Headlamp

  • Mess Kit

  • Compass


There are almost too many products to recommend in the misc. category, however this gift guide for Scouts might help get you started.

Where to buy gear?


Hiker Direct

Hiker Direct is a website run by Alps Mountaineering brand (who also makes Browning licensed outdoor gear and others) that offers any Scout leader or Scout family steep discounts on quality outdoor gear. Here's how to get the discounts:

  • Visit

  • Click "Create an Account".

  • Complete your information.

  • For the referral field, you can put: "Brian Peterson" and his contact info (the troop may be able to get credits toward free gear).

  • Browse and purchase discounted gear.

  • Plus, get frequent sales with even better prices if you subscribe to their newsletter.


Sierra (Roseville)

This store is in the family of TJMaxx and Marshall’s family of discount stores, except they sell outdoor gear and clothing. Find them at 2401 Fairview Ave N, Roseville, MN 55113.




Local Scout Shop

Facebook Marketplace


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