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the 4 Steps to advancement


A Scout Learns.

A Scout learns skills by taking an active, hands-on part in troop and patrol meetings and outdoor programs. This learning is the natural outcome of their regular Scouting activities. 

Learning is done via the EDGE method:

  • Explain: The trainer explains how something is done.

  • Demonstrate: After the trainer explains, the trainer demonstrates while explaining again.

  • Guide: The learner tries the skill while the trainer guides him through it.

  • Enable: The learner works on his own under the watchful eye of the trainer. The trainer’s role in this step is to remove any obstacles to success, which enables the learner to succeed.


Scouts can teach other Scouts, this is called “Scout-led” and is what our Troop strives for. Adult leaders provide resources and guidance to help them succeed.



Scouts will aim to master a given skill and satisfy rank requirements. Many of these skills and tests will happen at Troop events, meetings, and activities, in which case the “testing” of the skill is recorded (via Scoutbook). A Scout who is actively attending meetings and events will be able to work through requirements more quickly than those who do not. Testing of the Scout’s skill knowledge will be done by the Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters, other leaders, or an older Scout or Patrol Leader who has completed the skill.


If Scouts have received instruction either at a meeting or have completed requirements at home, they may let Troop leadership know they are ready to have these skills reviewed. Use the form below to request this: 


Troop 136 Rank Advancement Checkoff Form - Request Review

We highly encourage Scouts to fill out this form on their own.

Important: Scouts are filling out this form as an FYI to Troop leadership, not to schedule a checkoff. They will need to approach a leader at a future event or meeting to receive the checkoff.



There are two stages of review:

1. Scoutmaster Conference: An informal meeting between Scout and Scoutmaster to review how things are going.

A Scout should complete the rank check-off form AND speak in-person with Brian to schedule a Scoutmaster Conference.

2. Board of Review: A meeting conducted by three to six members of the Troop Committee or parents upon request. 

A Sco
ut should email Advancement Chair Tim Sibley ( to request a Board of Review (BOR). We try to schedule these in a timely manner.

The purpose of these reviews is not to retest the Scout. He/she have completed the requirements when they were signed off. Rather, these reviews are an opportunity to ask them about their experience in the troop, what they have learned, how they show Scout spirit, how they are doing in school/life, and any goals for the future.



When a Scout is certified by the Board of Review, they are awarded the new badge of rank as soon as possible, normally in a ceremony at the next troop meeting. The Scout should be recognized again at the troop’s next court of honor.

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