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Tracking Camping & Service hours

Each Scout is required to record a certain amount of service hours and camping nights to complete many of the ranks. We ask that Scouts track this as part of their advancement. 


The information can be logged in the back of their handbook and shown to a leader or better yet it can be stored online at one of the following two options:

  1. Scouting Internet Advancement - detailed instructions to add Camping and Service Hours to your Scouts internet advancement site, are found here.

  2. “Scouting” Mobile App - you may also find the “Scouting” App in Google Play Store or Apple Store, which will allow you or your Scout to view all information from Scoutbook AND complete Camping and Service Hour tracking.


NOTE: For each of these methods, you will use you or your Scouts login information for Scoutbook. After the parent has been connected to their Scout in Scoutbook, they can log into the app with the same userID and password they use for Scoutbook.


To have these activities approved, you will need to submit the rank request checkoff form to meet with a leader:

Troop 136 Rank Advancement Checkoff Form - Request Review

We highly encourage Scouts to fill out this form on their own.

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